1965 Ford Galaxie 500 Watkins Glen "X Garage"

Watkins Glen Raceway X garage prototype test car

The SOHC 427 outlawed by NASCAR was considered an unfair advantage.

These test cars where fitted with upgraded experimental Ford parts and components.

This Galaxie has big disc brakes, heavy duty control arms and suspension, huge experimental exhaust manifolds, extremely rare NOS glass headlight covers and more.

Most test cars of this nature were crushed after testing was completed, this galaxy some how escaped with a Ford engineer named Henderson and spent the following years driving local streets in Elmira NY, 24 miles South of Watkins Glen Raceway.

In 1989 a few years after Mr Hendersons death the family sold off his cars and engines.

The Galaxie went to Texas and was eventually completely restored.

Gathering very few miles since restoration and retaining all of the X garage modifications the Galaxie is truly a one of a kind car.


VIN IconVIN:00016

Engine IconEngine:M code 427 SOCH “Cammer” 427

Transmission IconTrans:4 Speed Manual